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Fransis Derelle and Maliboux deliver V-Day future bass thumper "Hold You Down" [Premiere]

With Valentine's Day approaching, my inbox became a bottomless abyss of hackneyed R&B slow burners and unintelligible mumble rap songs from artists who guaranteed their track will make me want to "cuff your bitch." Yes, I actually got an email with that line. Floating in that banal, gray ocean of submissions, however, was Fransis Derelle and Maliboux's heady collaborative single "Hold You Down."

"Hold You Down" is a refreshing change of pace from both artists, who are perhaps more known for their heavy-hitting trap and dubstep productions. Eschewing their penchant for thunderous 808's and frenetic bass music elements, Derelle and Maliboux dunk their trap-leaning styles into a future bass batter, cooking up a vocal-driven melodic thumper. The track is anchored by an intoxicating vocal effort from Janö, which is more poignant than it is uplifting, as it tugs at the heartstrings by exploring the pain of sacrificing a relationship in order to pursue dreams. All in all, it's a beautiful electronic pop song that should open a new lane of admirers for both Fransis Derelle and Maliboux due to its melodic backbone while serving as a solid launching point for newcomer Janö. You can get familiar with all three artists via the links below.

Connect with Fransis Derelle: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Maliboux: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Janö: Twitter | Instagram

Future Bass · Main Stage · Premiere


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