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Asal Hazel's new track is the "Sweetest" thing you'll hear all day

Asal Hazel's music is the feeling of putting on a warm pair of slippers or slinking into your favorite sweater after a hell-bent day. Her melodies hit like a puff of smoke and leave you dazed and delightful. "Sweetest" is the wavy follow-up to last years' Like Water Code EP that featured production help from Swarvy, Lindsay Lowend, Lezah Lasa, and Stones Throw heavy hitters, such as MNDSGN, and Grammy-winning producer, Knxwledge. Hazel has proven to be a staple in the Los Angeles scene.

"Sweetest" drops in with moody keys and a staggering Dilla-style beat that signals at casual composure. Nothing is in a hurry on this track because it would spoil the melodic morsels scattered all over this track. It feels like a tranquil walk down a misty street after midnight. 

The ethereal R&B  minimalism and sultry soul of Hazel's vocals feel like the magic of spontaneity coming to life. By the end, we're left with a cool ambient resolution that feels like the perfect way to drift off into a meditative state.

Connect with Asal Hazel: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify


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