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Holy Ghost! shares "Epton on Broadway (Part I & Part II)" and news of West End Records album

Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel of New York-based duo Holy Ghost! confirmed that they will be releasing their third album via iconic label West End Records. Along with the news comes the debut of “Epton On Broadway (Part I & PartII).” The two-part single feels like an epic disco celebration. Holy Ghost! brings the best of their groovy analog sound for a glorious late night smokey dance beneath the disco ball.

A simultaneous nod to collaborator Alex Epton and also Bob Marley’s “Reggae on Broadway,” Holy Ghost! frontman Alex Frankel describes “Epton On Broadway” as a lyrical “choose your own adventure.” It’s a fun and nostalgic shimmering landscape of sound. This new track along with their previous West End release, “Anxious,” will appear on the forthcoming Holy Ghost! album. More details about the album coming soon, but look for “Epton On Broadway” out tomorrow.

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Dance · Disco · Indie Dance · Nu-disco


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