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Vök faces their fears head on "In The Dark" [Premiere]

At some point or another, everyone faces a fear of the unknown. Taking the plunge into the depths of new waters can be invigorating, but frightening; and when the chill of the waters’ frigid waves touch your skin and its tides pull you in, the first instinct is to become paralyzed with fear.

Vök’s new single, “In The Dark”, powerfully captures the feeling of anxiety when faced with the darkness of the night all alone. It’s about facing the demons hidden in the shadows and realizing that the strength to face them lies within. Vök's lead singer, Margrét, describes the song as an anthemic tune for "Overcoming your fears and self-doubts.” She describes her own struggles with fear, detailing: “I’ve always been a little bit afraid of the dark so I used that as a metaphor - like you're trapped in a dark place and your mind is poisoning your thoughts by telling you that there's something out there watching you. But the fact is that it's just in your head. Our mind loves to play tricks on us so you keep on being stuck in the loop of fighting your own thoughts. The only way to win is to get out there and stop hiding."

Written from a relatable place of angst amongst an atmosphere of uncertainty, the song’s upbeat guitar progressions and explosive chorus contrast with a heavier message of emotional discomfort. The ability to take the hard to swallow realities of life and make them palatable is an undeniable strength of Vök. The Icelandic band has managed to paradoxically mix radiant vibes with melancholic messages in the most fascinating fashion.

Find peace in the kaleidoscopic sonic abyss of Vök and listen to “In The Dark” above.

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