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Myles Cameron returns with dreamy "Yellow" and announces forthcoming project 'Lonely Suburban Blackboy'

Expressive, and heavy strings lead the way in this ballad tinged outing, titled "Yellow" from 21 year old artist Myles Cameron.

Romantic and heartfelt. "Yellow" is a departure from Myles' previous work in a way that adds an extra layer of dreaminess and warmth oozing indie out from the corners of this new song. "Yellow" seems autumnal. The song feels as though it would fit in well amongst the brown, gold, and red leaves that slowly fall as the season decides to change. Meanwhile the track's  wholesome glow braces you for winter as you walk along the road soaking in time, and enjoying a moment for what it is. In the same way "Yellow" is a perfect soundtrack to the day. It's a slow burner and a beautiful memory to remember. Make sure to follow more of what's happening with Myles' new forthcoming project Lonely Suburban Blackboy. "Yellow" premiered on Beats 1 earlier this month and we're sure he's set for big things.

Connect with  Myles Cameron: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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