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Nilüfer Yanya debuts gnarly "In Your Head" from forthcoming album "Miss Universe"

It feels like a long time ago we did our EARMILK: Artist To Watch piece on Nilüfer Yanya. That being said after hearing her new material on Miss Universe (due for release on 22nd March via ATO Records/PIAS) we are even more excited than ever for her year ahead.

"In Your Head" perhaps sums up a lot of Miss Universe's exciting new direction. Characterised as a subtle nod towards indie, and possibly away from soul. The new single is fantastically gritty, and often feels both gnarly, and distorted in points. Yanya leads with guitar in a way that sometimes hides the other instruments, and frankly the result is magic. The verses have phenomenal drive. All of the tuned instruments repeat a melody in unison as the drums help provide an urgency. Whilst the mix choices here appear to desperately disguise a grounded reality; Yanya's vocals trip further, and further out as the songs develops, and we're left contemplating what's real. In the meantime, the choruses open into a rich, and full explosion of noisy music and we just can't get enough.  You definitely need to check out "In Your Head" above. 

Connect with Nilüfer Yanya: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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