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FLØRE rises above loss with "Heavy Lungs"

While some artists prefer to produce in a studio, FLØRE creates narratives on her iPad—ephemerality and expression drawn deep into the depths of technology and her human touch. FLØRE's newest track "Heavy Lungs" is not an exception to her process and to her art. "Heavy Lungs" is deeply personal emotive journey—an enthralling song that yearns for both the future and the past, for what is here and what is gone. 

Akin to its namesake, "Heavy Lungs" envelops you in FLØRE's angelic vocals for a euphoria that feels timeless and calming. The songstress weaves together metaphors of nature to unveil her newest story: a lulling rhapsody accompanied by soft string arrangements and harp chords. It tells of loss, of being defeated by your beloved only to find strength in your tears, and realizing the cracks in your own surface can be set free now. Whilst the soft chords speak to the aching pains in our hearts, FLØRE incorporates heavy synths and distorts her breathy vocals to speak to the courage inside us.


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Electronic · Indie


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