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Foley moves ahead with "Stranger"

Foley is a pop duo who channels their mutual love for all things pop on their new song titled "Stranger". Made up of two New Zealanders Ashleigh Wallace and Gabriel Everett, they aim to capture the minds of their listeners with their unique take on what they call "millennial pop." Joining forces to break the stereotypical vocalist/producer model, they instead craft each song equally, with neither party playing a bigger role than the other. Stemming from an act of betrayal, ‘"Strangerdiscusses the struggle to understand how the ones we love can hurt us the most, before embracing the importance of moving forward.

Directed by James Murray, the video was filmed around central London and follows the duo as they dance jovially between brutalist architectural structures and the underground network. "Stranger" as a song has the makings of a quintessential pop ballad laced with glossy backdrops, and earworm melodies to match.  

Connect with Foley : Soundcloud | Twitter Instagram | Facebook

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