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Genre defying artist Aneesa drops new track “Night Song”

From Oakland California, Aneesa is a triple threat. Honing in her talents through being a bassist, vocalist and composer - Aneesa started her musical journey from a very young age. At only thirteen years old, she recorded her first jazz album. She continued to take music seriously and received her Bachelors degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Southern California in 2014. 

Now, Aneesa is gearing up to release her debut project. With an evident passion for music and immense knowledge through and through the craft, it’s exciting to see where Aneesa’s journey will take her.

“Night Song” is her first single off her debut project and an impressive indicator of just how talented Aneesa is. 

With a classical music-inspired production, Aneesa confirms the beauty of her hybrid genre lane, in which she merges the worlds of contemporary classical music, jazz, neo-soul and R&B. 

On “Night Song” Aneesa so cleverly lets the music breathe. She doesn’t lead with vocal acrobatics but rather leads with the feelings and emotional essence of the track. The strength of Annesa’s vocals is undeniable as she hits the low notes to the high notes so effortlessly, having the listener journey with her throughout the progression of the song.

Connect with Aneesa: Instagram | Twitter

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