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A Weirdo From Memphis gives us 90's sitcom nostalgia with "GooseAcne" [Video]

If you are looking for an arts/music scene to keep an eye on that is bubbling with talent and experiencing quite a renaissance, look towards Memphis, Tennessee. Having such a rich music history, Memphis has sometimes been overlooked in what it brings to the table more recently, especially when it is outside of the trap bubble. Many artists are looking to make their presence felt this year. One such artist is A Weirdo From Memphis (AWFM).

The Unapologetic-signed artist may remind you of an early Tyler, The Creator, but he definitely has a musical brand of honesty all his own. To kick off his 2019, AWFM has released a visual for his 2018 single "GooseAcne".

The CMa"J"or produced track is an eerie, bass-knocking cut that will have you reminiscing about your days of watching Goosebumps. It's the perfect launchpad for AWFM to do what he does best - spit his truth.

AWFM collaborated with the soon to be legends, 35Miles and Troy the Editor, on the visual. It perfectly matches the energy of the track and creates what can best be described as AWFM's ode to the 90's sitcom opening credits style.

Look for AWFM's new EP You Goin to Jail Now soon. Until then, press play on "GooseAcne".

Connect with A Weirdo From Memphis (AWFM): Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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