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Blu DeTiger makes her debut with "In My Head" [Video]

New York City has a signature pathway for aspiring artists. If you're familiar with Lady Gaga's story, you probably know it well: inspirations from the grit and the corners of the underground manifested through NYU classes and the streets - and venues - on the Lower East Side. These exposures have bred artists who are performers as well as artists, knowing they have to make it there first before making a career of their own. Blu DeTiger is one of those artists, and through her days as a student at NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, she has DJed and frequented those corners of the city to figure out who she wants to be as an artist. Her first foray into the world comes this week in the form of "In My Head," a track that is as entrancing down a rabbit hole as it is an all seeing eye of urban fostered artistry. Paired with a video directed by Benjamin Ruttner of The Knocks, the full package paints the fuller, vignetted neon picture. DeTiger has put out music and visuals that signal that she knows what she wants and how to deliver it.

Blu DeTiger is on tour with The Knocks starting January 24.

Connect with Blu DeTiger: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / Instagram / Website

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