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Criss Jrumz is focused on self-healing via "Therapy"


Criss Jrumz shares "Therapy," the first single from his upcoming project Street Light Therapy. The musically inclined Broward County, FL-based rapper has been around music since he was a child. Raised by his mum who was an aspiring singer in the 80s, he naturally developed a love for hip-hop at a very young age. "Therapy" serves its purpose well as the rapper openly engages the listener with pure honesty from the jump. He details his failings, fears, and hopes over the cinematic beat while assuring the listener that he will surely be fine at the end of it all.

The Apollo Motion Pictures-directed video focuses on Jrumz from a loner's standpoint. He is seen driving his car to an unknown destination in the middle of the night, probably on a soul-searching quest. The minimalistic approach adds to the self-reflective vibe of the record, and reinforces the story of growth within Jrumz. His new project Street Light Therapy comes out January 25.

Connect with Criss Jrumz : Soundcloud | Website | Twitter | Instagram

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