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Homeshake nails it chill "Just Like My" vibe [Video]

After closing out the year with a couple new tunes and word of the fourth Homeshake album, artist Peter Sagar is back to start the year off with another taste of what’s to come called “Just Like My.” Keeping with that breezy, laid-back vibe, “Just Like My” follows in line with two Homeshake singles preceding it. Hints of soulful R&B run through a minimal soundscape, but the chilled out organic melodies and soft patter of percussion make for an honest, enchanting listen.

Sagar felt that for the new Homeshake album, Helium, he had “a much clearer mental state” for this record and had a better grasp of how he wanted it to sound. The ebb and flow of “Just Like My” is absolutely contagious - something you can just zone out and chill to, but enough texture to reel you back in for a head nod. From what we’ve heard from the new album so far, Homeshake seems to delve further into refining his lo-fi sound.

Unlike his previous albums which were recorded in a local studio, Helium was recorded and mixed alone in Sagar’s apartment in Montreal. By recording at home, Sagar found he was able to take his time, truly focus of the sound of the album, and get lost in the “pursuit of tone and texture.” It seems to have paid off. Look for Helium to be released both physically and digitally next month via Sinderlyn Records, available to save or pre-order now.

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