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MIKNNA have soundtracked your 'Escape' from reality with a cinematic new album

In a time where singles reign supreme, cohesive projects that are undeniable from beginning to end are few and far between. However, Los Angeles duo MIKNNA have created a project that is just that and more - 9 tracks that slap from beginning to end. 

Their new album is titled Escape, and not only have Mike and Ken created 29 minutes of amazing music, but they carefully lead the listener through a memorable journey that moves seamlessly from track to track. "This album embodies a constant theme of 'escapism'," the duo shared with EARMILK when discussing the theme behind this new project. "The reason why we enjoy sports, music, video games, tv shows, movies, & art is that we are able to put ourselves in the figment of those imaginations for a second and escape from our current state. In this age of digital streaming, albums tend to get overlooked because artists are pumping out singles. So we decided to approach this album as if it were a feature film."

Escape is a nostalgic ode to classic 80s sounds and production styles—full of bright yet somewhat dark lush melodies. MIKNNA shared, "The soundscapes and production are unearthly which are inspired by retro sci-fi films. The 70's, 80's ,90's & early 2000's all birthed genres in music & entertainment at its highest & purest form. So, we decided to mesh them all on both the writing and production side." Although the album celebrates these retro sounds, it can be really easy for musicians to come off as cheesy in doing so. But Escape avoids this with credit towards the extra effort put in to maintaining the project's authenticity through the recording process. "Ken's also pretty gung-ho on vintage synthesizers and gear. He's on a hunt to collect them all. The only way to capture an authentic 80s feel is to use the same instruments they did in those days. That was a lot of fun."

It's hard to escape the attention to detail and time that went into the creation of this project. According to the duo, "The process started 2 years ago and shaped itself over time but the most challenging part was the mixing, sound design and arrangements that Ken had to work on after everything was recorded." They definitely succeeded in creating establishing that cohesiveness, which makes the full album so immersive, and it was absolutely worth the wait.

"Rush", "Electric", and "Escape" featuring VanJess are definite standouts, but every track on Escape will leave you pressing play again and again. The cinematic nature each track will make for amazing visuals hopefully coming soon. If the visual for "Electric" is any indication, MIKNNA knows how to create stunning visuals.

MIKNNA truly outdid themselves with this album; and if you don't believe me, press play for yourself.

Stream/Download Escape HERE

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