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Oh He Dead explore a strained relationship on "This Time Around" [Video]

Oh He Dead are an emerging folk-soul rock band from Washington, DC led by vocalist Cynthia Johnson and Andrew Valenti.Their latest effort "This Time Around" is actually a single from the band's first EP released last year, but it's only now the visuals have been delivered. The song itself is soul-stirring and details the strained relationship between Johnson and her dad (with whom she now is on good terms with). The singer doesn't lay the blame on one party but rather shows how misunderstanding and miscommunication can pull people apart.

The video was shot in a warehouse under almost borderline catastrophic circumstances. They intended to shoot another song but the lead actor bailed out in the last minute leaving the entire crew hanging, so they decided to go with another record instead. The long shots of Johnson walking through the empty warehouse add a cryptic feel to the song and it ends with the singer uniting with her band mate at the end. It feels as though the overall motif may be a metaphor for abandonment and coming to terms with her dad.

Fun fact: The origin of the band name came after they finished writing a particularly jarring ballad about her recent heartbreak.  Johnson was asked, "What exactly happened to your ex?" . "Oh...he dead," she responded.  

Stream Oh He Dead's debut EP, Blood in the Water.

Connect with  Oh He Dead: Soundcloud | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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