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Dear Pressure unveils the mesmerizing single "Stories"

Maybe sometimes skipping a university class does pay off. That is how Matt Kahane and Quin Kiu coincidentally met at the University of Toronto and forged a unique musical bond that led to the creation of the duo known as Dear Pressure. The two have been building a repertoire of guitar-driven minimalist soul since 2017 and their latest single "Stories" and its accompanying lyric video show that they are forging an original sound that will make audiences take notice. The song, which premiered on Medium, comes as a preview of their debut EP, which is due out in 2019.

Like their previous singles, “Stories” shows that Dear Pressure has a unique production aesthetic that blends electronic and acoustic elements. Kahane and Kiu mix electronics, guitar, and vocals in a way that sounds progressive while maintaining an earnest, soulful core. The track has an organic ebb and flow throughout, and includes a climactic ending with sweeping synth pads underneath melancholic lyrics. They write, “from a patient distance I’m afraid of wasting / ‘cause I learn fast, move slow / our nascence ends alone, when the world is gone, I’ll never know.” With provocative lyrics like these and spellbinding production, “Stories” is an indication that Dear Pressure truly has a distinctive sound that should carry them to new heights.

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