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Kofi releases 'Tripolar' EP

Toronto native Kofi has serious potential. In 2018, he released a full-length project called Hold Me Down, and is now back with what his team is calling his first "big EP release." Tripolar is a four-song EP that sees the young singer showcase his immense potential. It's an R&B style that is at times a bit quirky, at times pop-influenced, but always allows him to float over instrumentals with his soothing voice. Each of the tracks flow smoothly into the next as he seems to be singing about a relationship, but Kofi wants to leave each song open to fan interpretation. Standout track "Nobody" sees a Kama feature that complements Kofi's vocals well as the two sing about a longing for only one person. Check out Tripolar up above and decipher each of the four songs for yourself. 

Connect with Kofi: Twitter | Instagram 



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