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OIJ tugs at the heartstrings with cinematic pop tune "Seconds Away From Love"

Rising producer OIJ has released his new pop single "Seconds Away From Love," and it's a cinematic slow burner oozing with emotion.

Perhaps best known for his single "Back to the Start" featuring Juno-nominated songstress Gia Koka, The Amsterdam native delivers a gorgeously dark pop tune. His angelic vocals float through rich soundscapes throughout the track's arrangement, which also features crisp percussion patterns and radiant synths that slice through rumbling bass lines. The lyrics are also honest and poignant, clearly emanating from plaintive personal experiences. When asked about the inspiration behind the melancholic song, OIJ had this to say:

“Seconds Away From Love’ is a song about being very close, almost able to touch or feel, yet being so far away; a phenomenon many of us have experienced or will experience in their lifetime. Especially since in the current day and age we are all constantly connected with each other - even though we may be worlds apart.”

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