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Alessandro Ciminata keeps his perfect pop song streak alive with "Lost In Your Arms"

Guess who’s back?! That’s right, our favorite 80’s Brit-pop artist, Alessandro Ciminata, is back with a new track. On his latest single, “Lost In Your Arms,” Ciminata is in top form. The London resident has figured out the perfect recipe for an anthemic 80’s leaning pop jam. It’s equal parts smashing synths, pulsing percussions, and love-laden lyrics.

At this point, we have a reasonably good idea of what to expect from Alessandro Ciminata. Every new release possesses a "born for radio" air with the kind of synthy background that makes you want to jump up and dance on a table. However, while it’s true he’s consistent, his music is in no way boring.

Ciminata’s consistency has helped honed his skill, which is evident on “Lost In Your Arms.” Everything about this song feels tight. Right from the jump, he paints a late night cityscape with his synths and lyrics. It brings about images of neon signs and a labyrinth of streets, places to get lost in and stumble upon love. And when he brings in the chorus, you get a feeling that’s what he’s done.

Ciminata is on a roll with his recent releases, and by the looks of it, we might get one more before the year's end. 

Connect with Alessandro Ciminata: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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