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MDWS' newest release brings our head up into the "Clouds"

Watching the sunrise alone in the Gold Coast, producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist MDWS ponders — the cusp of an idea blooming in his mind. The New Zealand act, after a late night out, had walked onto his balcony instead of heading to bed, jolting him into a realization of who, what, where and why. "Clouds" was born, the comeback single brought to fruition through a simple, fleeting moment of introspection. "I remember suddenly feeling weightless — it was as if I was sitting amongst the clouds," he says. "And for some reason I felt completely free in that moment."

Much like the moment in which "Clouds" was born, the track itself is a soothing, slow-burning track of lush soundscapes and sultry vocals. Hypnotic and bewitchingly downtempo, MDWS effortlessly blends in subtleties to help move the track along — luring one in with an infectious looping falsetto. Enveloping, hugging and transferring warmth, the track is but a hazy, fleeting moment of time that undeniably puts one into a peaceful state of floating freedom.

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Electronic · Synth Pop


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