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Juice want to be your favorite guys on single "Audrey Tell Me"

The Boston-based seven-piece funk outfit Juice is constantly shapeshifting and growing. Alumni of Boston College, the band met while at school where they won a 2015 Battle of the Bands contest. From there, they went on to independently release a debut EP Workin' On Lovin', become hit radio DJ Elvis Duran's August Artist of the Month, and perform on The Today Show. With little time wasted, they are back with their first single since the release of their EP, titled "Audrey Tell Me."

The soulful funk-based track follows the upbeat and playful route of all of their music, blending genres and picking up on the best quality each band member is able to offer. Known for their alternating vocals, the group keeps the melody fluid; the verses croon while the chorus erupts into a falsetto that begs 'Audrey' to "tell me I'm your favorite guy." And when listening to pipes like these, how can she resist?

Guitarist Michael Ricciardulli said the track tells a story "by exploring an atmosphere — one that considers darkness, euphoria, charm and infatuation. To that end, it’s cathartic to define a character who is afflicted in some way."

Juice have struck together flint and caused a spark yet again on "Audrey Tell Me," and only time will tell what they'll be able to accomplish next. 

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Neo-Soul · R&B


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