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French producer Evil Needle delivers an immersive experience in new EP 'Igida'

French electronic producer Evil Needle will be releasing his latest compelling body of work, titled ‘Igida’ EP on 30th November via HW&W Recordings.

Originally hailing from Berlin, Evil Needle eventually made his way to Paris, where he first got into music production from an early age. As a kid, a childhood friend had introduced him to music production software and this culminated as true calling and passion, and not just another mere hobby, and since this epiphany, Evil Needle eventually turned his undying love for music production into a fully fledged career.

Soon after, he started out as a vinyl DJ, but from that point onwards, he knew production was his inescapable destiny. As a touring musician, Evil Needle has performed in many parts of the world so far, including Electric Brixton, Jazz Café, Camden Assembly, Wanderlust, Paradiso, Razzmatazz and Cully Jazz Festival in Europe, and other parts of the globe including Thailand, China, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand and Canada.

Influenced by eclecticism and powerful experimentation portrayed by artists ranging from Flying Lotus to Chromonicci and Hieroglyphics, his uniquely crafted sound is more like an untamed plethora of different juxtaposing sounds and ideas, which Evil Needle seems to cohesively blend into his own mesmerizing brand of chill trap, hip-hop inspired future bass fueled fire into something of his own with his powerful use of heavy pulsing bass production, dramatic percussion strikes and of course, celestial atmospheres and texture.

'Igida' is an immersive experience like no other, as splicing tone and timbre adequately within a complete body of work is a wondrous attainment. The opening track “Angst” is a mood-ripe cascade of ominous piano melodies, big, dark drum-work and eerily haunting vocal sampling.

“Fathom” is a mystical empowerment; blissed-out tones caress your senses under a deep percussive trance fixation as a digital string section breaks into one involuntary body-moving exercise. The last track “Respite” is a refreshing appetizer to what has just been wholly experienced, yet you are left with the relentless power and motivation to go out into this unforgiving world and live your life. Do things, empower others and change the world.

Evil Needle describes 'Igida' as, "a journey all of us once had been on. Igida views how we tumble on the hazard in life and the way we heal as a whole play without Deus Ex Machina. Each song indicates the stage people happen to go through to overcome and evidently, the irreversible trace it leaves.”

'Igida' EP Tracklist:

1.  Angst

2.  Collapse

3.  Fathom

4.  Phosphene

5.  Scars

6.  Respite

Check him out on socials: Official | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram


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