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Grab some "Toothpast & Orange Juice" and wake up with Maxd

Maxime Trippenbach is a 20 year old artist from Ottawa, Canada whose music under the moniker Maxd is a fusion of experimental and melodic electronica, with a signature sound that is as distinctively quirky and futuristic as it is catchy and compelling.

'Toothpaste & Orange Juice', Maxd’s official debut EP, is an intersection of sorts – between varying narratives which are present in the songs that are included on the track list (exploring themes that range from love and lust to introspection and self-doubt); between the sonics of Maxd’s old experimental, instrumental-only sound to his new vocal-guided efforts; and between the contrasting emotions which run aplenty throughout the project as a whole.

Issued by tastemaker Berlin-based record label Majestic Casual, the release includes a variety of singles – 2017’s “Sleepy” w/ Adam Tell, and “Words” w/ EMIA are present, as well as 2018’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes” w/ Osquello, and “Touch” w/ Austin Salter – plus three brand new tracks.

Overall, 'Toothpaste & Orange Juice' is forward-thinking and intricate electronica typified – yet the EP retains certain pop sensibilities, a combo which makes for an impressive and infectious, if somewhat commercially inaccessible, result. Its synths are as hard-hitting as they are delicate; its drums are muted but impactful; and its details are colorful – this is a project whose soundscapes capture the many signature elements of Maxd’s unique, genre-blending sound.

Check him out on socials: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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