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Molly Moore living in the moment, reminds us to “Be Here Now"

Indie/electro artist Molly Moore has just released her latest single “Be Here Now”. With hard-hitting emotive vocals atop a slick electronic soundscape, the song’s raw energy and intense passion drive the track forward. The message behind the single is a powerful one. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s right in front of you and look for things to take you out of the present moment, but it’s important to remember to ‘be here now’. 

Making her mark as a solo artist, Molly Moore is also a part of the duo Cosmos and Creature with EMAN8 (Brandyn Burnette) and their latest single “I Am Free” reached over 8 million streams on Spotify.

 Moore is known for inspiring and motivating her listeners by leaving them feeling hopeful despite the harsh realities we are faced with. Sensitive to her feelings and surroundings, “dealing with human emotions isn’t always easy" she shares, "but I do think that we innately want to help each other.” 

Having collaborated with major artists such as Jesse McCartney and Steve Aoki as well as being featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, she’s found success in her career creating music with a deep and personal meaning. “I wrote this at the end of last year about constantly chasing something that brings you out of the present moment" Molly reflects, considering how her experiences influence her sound, "I'm always working and that can leave me feeling void of actually living and taking in the experience I'm creating for myself. I recently have been going through the hardest time in my life since my father's unexpected passing in April".

 She concludes, “This song is extremely relevant to me now as I see everything through a completely new perspective. It's easy to become so distracted that you lose sight of what's in front of you. I've started to really realize how important it is to spend time connecting with people on a deeper level, in every moment.”

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