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Vansire takes us back to the "Halcyon Age"

Vansire is a dream pop music-making duo made up of Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller. Both have been making music in various capacities since high school before joining forces as a duo. Their newest single entitled "Halcyon Age" is a mellow, nostalgia-inducing song that really soothes the mind. The solemn keys, warm bassline, and dreamy strings sound pretty alluring in text form but listening is way more fun. The vocals don't tend to do too much and just sit right on top of the soundscape, just enough to add that emotional punch to the song.

"Halcyon Age" is taken from the BIRP.fm compilation Vinyl Post and it features a host of other rising acts from Foliage, MUNYA to Cody Ash. The project is currently being funded via their kick starter page and successful funding will ensure future monthly releases so they'd like for you to donate some coins to the cause. You can also check out the entire volume 1 set on SoundCloud.

Connect with  Vansire : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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