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N i G H T S releases sinfully smooth singles "Mojo" and "Boyband"

Philadelphia-based duo, N i G H T S is not here to play around; with a smooth electronic style melded with elements of pop and R&B, they're here to make a statement and create a new wave of sonic experiences. Releasing singles "Mojo" and "Boyband" on the same day, the duo takes a deep dive into your hearts with soulful croons and drawled out verses.

Soothingly magical, both "Mojo" and "Boyband" combine airy vocals, versatile production and sensual songwriting for infectious R&B hits, marking them as burgeoning stars to watch for. With a nostalgia-induced beat, "Mojo", much like its namesake, is a hauntingly spacious track brimming with emotive rap and heartfelt lyricism. The subtle beats and twinkling synths add a touch of magic to the melody, inducing relaxed vibes. "Boyband" picks up the pace for a more uptempo beat that is heavily reliant on tight percussions, creating a robust production of laid-back vibes and woozy drawls.


Connect with N i G H T S: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Electro R&B · R&B


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