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Phlow plays student & teacher in 'Asuai (Vol. 2)' visuals [Video]

Nigerian-born emcee Phlow landed herself on EARMILK back in September when she dropped Asuai (Vol. 2): a compact EP that covers an impressive amount of ground in just under 7 minutes.

Now, Phlow has returned with some clever visuals for her project, divided up into a four-part narrative that's representative of the journey she undergoes throughout the Asuai (Vol. 2) EP. This time Phlow plays both student and professor, and teaches us all a lesson.

Phlow's trip back to the classroom makes sense, as Asuai (Vol. 2) is rife with nostalgia and reminiscing. Parallel to the EP's four tracks, Phlow plays four different characters in the video: the naive "Stephanie," cynical “Asuai,” “Phlow,” and finally the grown-up “Ms Eyime.” Director XYZ, of Str8buttah Productions, does an excellent job of incorporating different types of cinematography for each section of the video to reflect the mood of the songs and Phlow's character development.

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