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CILVR graces us with vivid lyricism in "Bound to Die"

We all learn through our lived experiences and it is through these experiences, that we form our own identity and perceptions of the world around us. Growing up in a home with classical musicians and a childhood filled with global backstage concert hall experiences, Scandinavian indie-pop wonder CILVR is no stranger to the world of sound. Saturating her songs with the aforementioned learnings, CILVR's repertoire is a conglomeration of visceral emotions and transcendent sounds. In "Bound to Die", we're graced with her evolutionary artistry and vivid lyricism. 

An amalgamation of pop and synth-heavy electronica, CILVR's distinctively honey-sweet voice is a radiant rhapsody; weaving a story through the robust lyricism, the songstress provides an ethereal experience of sinking in water. The harmony of organic and electronic instrumentals illuminate her message, juxtaposing the fragility of the words but also the liberation we feel from understanding it. From the guitar melodies to the staccato bass bounces, "Bound to Die" reflects the up and down rollercoaster ride of a breakup perfectly, exhibiting CILVR's fresh soundscape.


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Indie Pop · Pop


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