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Catching Flies is back with an atmospheric new dance single "Satisfied"

In the world of electronic music, there is always a delicate balance between serving audiences on the dance floor as well as those listening in their headphones. The London-based DJ and producer Catching Flies is a master of crafting music that quenches the thirst of people seeking the kind of music that will speak to your soul. His latest single “Satisfied” blends sophisticated ambient production techniques with an atmospheric danceable groove. The single includes three versions of the track and arrives ahead of his debut album, which is due out in Spring 2019.

The “Satisfied” bundle offers a little something for everyone. Over a relentless pulsing beat, CF constructs worlds of sonic layers that come in and out of the mix with deeply impactful results. With a repeating vocal sample and an effortless synthesis of live instruments and electronic elements, he creates poignant emotional moments throughout without sacrificing the song’s pumping momentum. There is also an “Ambient Reprise” of the track, which offers a more meditative experience with an emphasis on the swirling melodies and lush string pads. “Satisfied” offers another example of how Catching Flies’ music can still be both unique and endearing.

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Ambient · Chillwave · Electronic


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