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Elise Hayes shares a beautifully intimate new pop anthem “Float”

Pure and contagious pop, acclaimed vocalist Elise Hayes has released her latest single “Float”. With powerful rising rhythms and passionate emotive vocals, this uplifting pop anthem soars with its rare dynamic sound.

Previously a background singer for Carly Pearce, she chose to step away from her role in the band, ready to focus on her own music. She reveals, “I felt this really strong instinct to follow my own dreams and songs, and I wanted to be true to that and act on it.” “Float" details the honest journey back to her finding self, as she reaches this new phase in her career.

With lyrics such as “Swim out, swim deep. My body is the boat, want to see if I can float”, she’s ready to see if she can stay afloat as a solo artist and with “Float” she definitely can.

Hayes’s songs are often used in numerous TV shows including ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy”, and MTV’s “Siesta Key” among others. She is known for creating music that makes you want to turn your speakers up loud, with songs that can be best described as heartfelt and haunting. Unique in the palate of today’s popular music, Elise Hayes sets herself apart with her own distinctive artistry, staying true to herself. Listen to the infectious “Float” above.

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