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A l l i e and The Kount release mesmerizing new visuals for "Back to Her"

Colours collide and feelings resonate in the kaleidoscopic new video for “Back to Her," the latest single from A l l i e and The Kount.  The visuals depict A l l i e waking up from a dream and into a magical aura of neon purples, pinks and blues, where she is greeted by a past lover. Each has moved on in their lives, but it’s in the arms of each other that they find undeniable bliss.

A l l i e’s crystallized vocals float majestically over the spunky, slow-winding electro-soul beat, produced by The Kount. There’s a certain paradox that lies in the eclectic sounds of A l l i e and The Kount together. Their music’s futuristic vibes are perfectly contrasted by an intrinsic, timeless feeling of nostalgia.

Connect with A l l i e: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with The Kount: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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Celeste Daniella
2 years ago

Allie <3