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Jae Stephens releases beautiful ode "Long Way to Go"

Chinese philosopher Laozi once said, "A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step." Nothing is created without first taking the plunge and with every story, there is an origin. Dallas-born, LA-based songstress Jae Stephens started from humble beginnings, building herself a digital empire through Tumblr - both music and fashion-focused. It was from this that Stephens was inspired to create her own music, and began writing and producing her own beats. With the success of her previous releases riding high, Stephens returns with "Long Way to Go" produced by Shy Girls

A calming kaleidoscope of minimal sounds, shapes, colours and words, equally weighed to match the underlying chilling ambiance of the track, Stephens shows us an ethereality through her refined lyricism. Vocals exuding both sweet and sultry, "Long Way to Go" is an ambitiously unique track that focuses on the duality her voice exhibits, with hints of drums and snares peeking through. With no obvious change in tone, the ambiguity of the chorus adds an enigmatic depth to the track, forlorn in nature yet soothing. "Long Way to Go" is a beautiful addition to Stephens' repertoire, a testament to her continuous growth and passion.


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