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HANNIE and HIGHT wants us to "Stay Another Night" with sweet new single

Female electro-pop duo HANNIE, comprised of members Hannah Koppenburg and Annie Wagstaff, are newcomers to the scene; with only three releases thus far, the charismatic duo have already established themselves as fresh talent to keep a close eye on. "Stay Another Night" sees the pair once again bringing an infectious tune to the table, featuring vocals from producer and songwriter HIGHT.

Laden with acoustic guitars, the sweeping and nostalgia-induced melody leads the way for HIGHT's smooth vocals. Progressively building up the track with laid back drum beats, the chorus sees a pop-influenced drop illuminated with eclectic synths. Vivacious and burning bright with light-hearted chimes, "Stay Another Night" is a wistful but upbeat track that perfectly encapsulates the tug-of-war we have in our hearts.

Every song we’ve written has been super upbeat and happy vibes, which this is, but it’s got more of a solemn story to it," Koppenburg says of the song. "It’s such an easy song to grab onto because the topic is so relatable, I think pretty much everyone has been in the situation of wanting to be with someone but knowing it’s the wrong thing to do.  It’s like head against heart situation.”

Connect with HANNIE: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with HIGHT: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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