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The Slice, Episode 16 [Urban Feature]

There are some of us dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers. This initiative is what we call "The Slice" at EARMILK. Every fortnight we share with you 10 or more ear-grabbing songs from genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging for you while you sit back, relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

Dyzzi - "Black Coffee"

Budding emcee Dyzzi kicks off this week's edition of The Slice with a slice of personal dopeness. His new single titled "Black Coffee" flips a classic flute sample and gives it a new life. On the record, he brings along his friends KReal & Huey V who join in with their unique styles of their own. Armed with a passionate delivery, dense lyrics and a deep love for the 90s, Dyzzi aims to make his stamp on the industry as time permits. "Black Coffee" is taken from his newly released mixtape Same Clothes As Yesterday.

Griz-O - "The One"

"The One" is the lead single from Griz O's collaborative mixtape with producer Oh91. Over a fast-paced soundscape, Griz-O wastes no time in letting the listener know his status in the game as he breaks down his antecedents musically. The title of the song is also a slight nod to the legendary Matrix films and the visuals definitely bring that idea to life with its dark, dystopian aesthetics.

"The One" serves as a precursor to Griz-O and prominent grime producer OH91's collaborative project titled ‘Out of Bounds’ 

Ill Fayze - "Closed Captions"

ill Fayze teams up with singer Ralph Larenzo on the R&B tinged track titled "Closed Captions" taken from his upcoming project 'Sweet Tooth'. The song is a playful look at socializing from different viewpoints of Ill Fayze as a young party goer. He also touches on his hopes and dreams while singer Larenzo wraps it up with a melodic hook that suggests that there are no closed captions to his thoughts on what goes on in the rapper's mind.

 Neak - "For My City"

Neak returns with another soulful entry titled "For My City". The Rashid Hadee produced cut is soul-drenched, cinematic and nostalgic enough for Neak's vivid lyricism and poignant themes. There are no gimmicky hooks here but just pure heartfelt lyricism from start to finish.

Maksem -"Magnetic Purple"

Experimental producer Maksem helps to switch the focus on this week's list with his off-kilter instrumental titled "Magnetic Purple". The record is a weird blend of staggered eclectic drums, surreal synths pads and a whole lot of weirdness that is somewhat hard to describe so you have to hit the play button to fully enjoy the goodness.

Minimal Miggy - "Could It Be" feat. Sela Moon

EARMILK regular Minimal Miggy serves us a solid slice of soulful goodness on his new single "Could it be". He teams up with singer Sela Moon and they both create some neo-soul magic on this tune. Flipping a classic soul sample, Minimal Miggy crafts the smoothest backdrop we have heard this week for Moon's sultry vocals. This is nothing but soulful butter from start to finish.

Geno Five - "10K FREESTYLE"

People have different ways of celebrating their successes and budding emcee Geno Five is no exception as he just hit 10k followers on IG. What better way to mark the occasion than to drop a song. Aptly titled "1ok freestyle", the emcee takes some time to be grateful and also speak on the ups and downs in the music industry.

Dee Wallz - "Have It All"

Memphis, TN lyricist Dee Wallz gives us a glimpse into his state of mind on his new song "Have It All". His mind is quite heavy on several issues from success, personal struggles and then some all while combining wordplay and an interesting perspective unique to his experiences.

Shani B. -"Glass Houses"

Boston, Massachusetts based emcee Shani B shares her third single titled "Glass houses" and it hit the right spot.  Produced by hip-hop artist Terrell Hines and Macedonian producer Dragi Ivanov, “Glass Houses” takes listeners on a dreamy musical journey comprised of Shani B.’s melodic vocals which are showcased for the first time on a song, over a lo-fi hip-hop beat."

Sadat X - "Breukelen Story"

Following the virality of  Masta Ace and Marco Polo's "Breukelen Story", Sadat X comes through with a story that is beyond wild as he reminisces on his past adventures in BK. Although this is not a song, the whole story breaks the mold on the list and makes for a very engaging watch.

MELODOWNZ  - " Peace $igns, Gang $igns"

New Zealand emcee/songwriter MELODOWNZ shows both sides of his coin on this engaging record titled " Peace $igns, Gang $igns". Over a solemn soundscape, the rising act talks about the dualities of life, the contradictions of being human. He also adds "It's also a song about the battles I face between my youth and my current state of being, finding truth in both of these traits. My star sign is Gemini so the song expresses the yin and the yang. "
The single is just the first taste fromMELODOWNZ's upcoming project MELO & BLUES.

Neena - "Liberate"

UK based singer, songwriter Neena goes toward the inspirational road on her third single titled "Liberate". The heartfelt single ells a story about finding within the strength to follow one's dreams and ambitions without the worry of judgment by the society.

"Liberate" is taken from her 'Flipside' album.

WavyTheCreator - "Shaku"

Nigeria based alternative urban act who goes by the moniker WavyTheCreator brings that Afro-flavour to the forefront with her house pop-tinged track titled "Shaku". She keeps it very minimal, sultry and totally groovy on this one.

Norelle - "Homecoming"

Rising singer/songwriter Noelle (fka Lolah Brown) gets a solid "Homecoming" welcome on her new track. She taps into a vintage vibe with her expressive vocal tone and booming hip-hop influenced backdrop. Its the perfect blend of past and present and also acts as a motivational jam to kick off your day.

B00TY  - "Good For It " (video).

LA-based electronic funk duo B00TY (made up of Edan and Adam) deliver the visuals for their previously released song "Good For It ". The funky song gets a solid visual treatment that sees the duo attempting to win back their significant others, who are played by Natasha Bure (daughter of Candice Cameron Bure) and Farrah Fawx (the new moniker of Audra the Rapper). 

Grey Matter Of Sweden -  "Overdue"

Grey Matter Of Sweden is a Swedish underground hip-hop trio made up of emcees Just, Rahseed Defoe and Theo Lewis and their new single "Overdue" help wrap up this week's list. The record also serves as a welcome back of some sorts for the group after a long hiatus from making music.  Over a mellow soundscape provided by producers Math-Mic and Shake Dodson, the trio talk about their experience in the underground scene and all the hurdles they had to overcome. It's quite heartfelt and relatable on many levels.

The song is the title track from their upcoming EP. The EP was entirely produced by Math-Mic and Shake Dodson.


If you dug what you heard, you can revisit our previous episodes of "The Slice" here.


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