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Eileen Sho Ji Drops a charming visual for “Summer Heat”

Bay Area's Eileen Sho Ji is 19-year-old experimental R&B singer-songwriter having already been releasing music for the past 4 years and is currently working on her debut album. Eileen's voice is breathy and beautiful as it lifts and breathes life into every song. She doesn't overpower her tracks with unnecessary vocal acrobatic tricks, but rather, uses her silky natural tone to dig up a raw emotion and cuts right to your soul with it. 

“Summer Heat” is a velvety smooth and laid back tribute track to the summer, and the person Eileen spent those days with.

The music video portrays an adventurous feel as the narrative in the progress from the swimming pool, to the tennis court, then to the hotel room- each scene just as captivating as the last. Eileen and her music video boyfriend most definitely brought the words of "Summer Heat" to life.

Eileen is set to release her album early next year. She's been working on perfecting her craft for the past couple of years as she paves her own unique path. Keep an eye out for this one.

Connect with Eileen: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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