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Crush Club doesn't want us to break the "Trust" in love with funky new single

The in-between duo of pop, disco, funk and soul, Crush Club, are back again with another groovy single. Titled "Trust", the track comes ahead of their debut EP Alive, coming out November 9th. 

Opening the curtains with snazzy guitar riffs, "Trust" embodies 'funk' itself; with smooth vocals and peppy percussions amidst a backdrop of laid-back beats, the duo grows a garden of lush melodies within their soundscape that immediately infects listeners with giddiness. The simple yet robust lyrics are relatable and while it's holds a more serious message, "Trust" still contains their signature groovy vibes.

Vocalist TC Milan elaborated on the new single: “‘""Trust’" came out of a jam session we had in our Brooklyn studio. Inspired by our faves Jamiroquai and Chic, the song has a relentless sexy groove that doesn't’ change much, keeps you hypnotized, and won'’t quit. It’'s a live show favourite of ours because it always feels important when we get to it. "‘Trust’" is about how sometimes the hardest thing to do is say what you need. Love can blind and confuse you, and when I was recently in this emotional state the thing I needed the most was trust. I didn't’ get it. So we wrote this song.” "

Buy/stream "Trust" here.


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