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Reeko Rieffe stops feeling the "Sameways" in new video

Canada's Reeko Rieffe continues to shine in his new single and video directed by Fatty Soprano. It seems as though this budding career cant be stopped with yet another hit to his name with "Sameways

This breakup track illustrates feelings of dissonance between a women daydreaming and reminiscing about Reeko and Reeko ready to move on to the next thing. The video tells this story through his hypothetical performances at an intimate show in a club as well as an even more isolated one in a field. The track produced by MNSTRM could be compared to styles of fellow Canadians Drake and Tory Lanez but thing that will make Reeko stand out against his peers is his story telling ability. On this track as well as his track from earlier this year "Phase Me" he displays his ability to allow you to walk in his shoes and feel his feelings. 

Early 2019 will play host to Reeko Rieffe's debut project which will follow a similar formula of hip-hop and R&B that we have seen from him so far. These soulful melodies over diverse instrumentals will lead the project to a very accessible sound that continues to lead the youth. Check out this video and follow the links below for more Reeko Rieffe. 

Connect to Reeko Rieffe: Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

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