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DeModa to release fresh new rendition of Nakala's "How Can You"

Straddling the line between an eclectic amalgamation of indie, electonica and future pop, New York City's DeModa rings true to his reputation, and continues to uphold his take on the sonic stereoscape. Part of a genre-defying manifestation of the next generation of electronic producers and DJs, his blooming career in remixes, has helped the producer define his identity whilst giving him the agency to continuously innovate and shape the world he resides in.

Originally by acclaimed UK-based songstress Nakala, DeModa's newest remix of "How Can You" has its official release slated for November 2.

Stripping back the beginning background vocals, DeModa sets the scene for a faster tempo - a livelier electronic version of "How Can You". Smooth piano-influenced synths and twinkling riffs line the ebullient melodies, Nakala's sultry vocals still soaring high above all else. Almost wistful, the ethereality of the soul-infused track is elevated with the producer's expert curation, melding the drop into a beautiful peak brimming with emotions and angelic inflections. 

Connect with DeModa: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with Nakala: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

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