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Late Night Radio & Julianna Reed kick back with "In My Mind"

A genre and story that's extraordinarily niche within its own sub-genre is electro-funk-country-gospel. Denver-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Alex Medellin, better known by his hybrid stage name Late Night Radio, invites Julianna Reed around the campfire to strum out "In My Mind." He's perfectly situated himself as the king within this double-decked niche sound. It's a track that's "electronic music for people who don't really like electronic music," states Medellin. 

Released ahead of Late Night Radio's forthcoming album Sunday on Philos Records, "In My Mind" is a superb blend between electronic music, funk, country, and chill. Medellin's myriad of collaborations with artists like Borahm Lee, Kevin Donohue, and Manic Focus have clearly allowed him to strum the guitar in a unique way.

Chimes, vocal "ooohs," soothing guitars, and organs open "In My Mind." Late Night Radio provides a smooth percussive rhythm that continually eases the tone of this piece. An appreciative element that further heightens this track is the gospel-sounding echoed vocals. Late Night Radio's sultry vocals pair effortlessly with his soothing production. This unique blend of genres, acoustic, and electronic elements is the beginning of another beautiful musical genre. 

“I only recently realized it, but my favorite music is always hair-raising," states Late Night Radio. "I’m really into feel-good hip-hop, soul, and funk, and all of those styles are rooted in gospel progressions. As I’ve gotten older, that really had an effect on my music. For Sunday, the vision was to take bits and pieces of those genres and chop them up into something new. It was a natural step for me to pay homage to what I grew up on. You could call it ‘Sunday music.’ The easiest way to describe my music is, ‘Electronic music for people who don’t really like electronic music.' There’s hip-hop bass and beats, which keep it relevant. However, I’m taking it into new territory.”

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