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Iyamah shows us the comings and goings of love in "Seasons"

Growing up on the sounds of African drumming and reggae music, Brighton-based songstress Iyamah developed a strong love for neo-soul and hip-hop at a young age, citing the likes of Alicia Keyes and Adele as her earliest musical influences. Indeed, the soulful drawls of the aforementioned artists was what set off a long and rich history for Iyamah who turned to writing toplines for drum'n'bass releases, before setting her sights on a blooming solo career.

Gracing us with her velveteen voice, "Seasons" illustrates the comings and goings of love - an exquisitely paramount single that perfectly exhibits her fresh sound.

With production from artist and producer Sam Wills and LA-based producer Kojo, Iyamah's stunning vocals alongside her dynamic blend of hip-hop, soul and jazz, serves as an anthem about change in life and love. From the beginning downtempo acoustics to the lulling piano chords and to the subtle percussive beats, "Seasons", like its namesake - changes frequently. The changes are a welcome one, as Iyamah weaves an alluring narrative through the twists and turns of the soundscape, heartfelt lyricism drawing listeners in to her heart and soul. Truly, "Seasons" places Iyamah as a rising star to look out for.

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Alternative R&B · Jazz Hop · Soul · Soul-Hop


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