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Watch Van Bellman's classic vintage horror video "I Hate To See You This Way"

Brooklyn-based musician Zac Taylor is best known for playing guitar in the acclaimed pop rock outlet American Authors.  His venture into cultivating a solo project which he coined Van Bellman, mixes striking bluesy rock with spirited indie pop. Leading single “I Hate To See You This Way” focuses on the pain of watching someone you love go down a dark path that could ultimately lead to self-destruction. Many can relate to the tragic heartbreaking feeling of trying to help someone who is too far gone. 

The video aesthetic is a lot more playful than the song's dark message.  It's odd and eerie yet with a classic vintage campy horror vibe.  Inspired by 90s music videos and film noir this ode to the zombie flick is perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday. With black and white and sepia tone colors the video’s old fashion styled visuals paired with Bellman’s gritty rock sound are perfect compliments. Dark and macabre, "I Hate To See You This Way", features zombies, a graveyard and even a throat slashing all done in a tongue and check fashion.

Connect with Van Bellman: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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