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Don Lifted & ThankGod4Cody capture magic on "Wolf River"

With fall, there tends to come many overcast days. Memphis music and visual artist Don Lifted has somehow masterfully learned how to capture an overcast fall day and turn it into music. Today, he has teamed up with the über talented artist and producer ThankGod4Cody, who is also from Memphis, to release a new single titled "Wolf River".

"Wolf River" is self-produced and quite simple. It's simplicity is what allows each aspect of the single to shine. From the solemn piano and rim shots to the melancholy vocals, every fits and creates a clear vibe. Throughout Don's verses, you can hear notes of his Memphis roots. Don shared,

"Wolf River was created in the same universe as the records from my recently released 'Contour' album, but exists outside the album storyline. For this song I connected with friend and talented Grammy nominated producer and artist ThankGod4Cody for the hook vocals."

"Wolf River" is easily a wonderful fall record that captures a somewhat sad essence while making it hard to listen just one time.

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