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PANDA$ want to know what they're supposed to do "Every Single Night" [Premiere]

Los Angeles based duo PANDA$ are back after their video and single release of "Love After War" with a smart blend of hip-hop and on the nose electronic production with new single "Every Single Night".

The duo formed in New York in 2016 when vocalist Manny decided to lock himself in a room and "just vibe 'cause I felt like I had so much left to say.'" The combination of Landa's experimental production and Manny's classic sensibilities make for the ultimate duo. 

Packed with incredible sonic elements, this danceable song showcases another side of PANDA$. Starting with a beautiful melody and stunning vocals, "Every Single Night" hits you with a killer drop and a lose-yourself-in-the-music feeling. Exuding effortlessly with emotion and poignant lyrics, this single is the soundtrack for an unforgettable night. 

There are certain songs that when I hear them take me back via a flashback to a time when I spent too much time in the club, on the field, at the festival. That singular moment deep into the night when everything just feels right and nothing can bring you down, an unstoppable rush of nothing can stop me fueled by music and good friends. "Every Single Night" is an ode to that memory for me concurrently, it also assuages that feeling you get the Monday after the party when you're tired, coming down, melancholic, and want to feel that rush one more time. 

PANDA$ is a seamless collaboration project for this duo and their new single, "Every Single Night," which I have the pleasure of premiering, wraps you in a duality of joy and sadness. 

Check them out on socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

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