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Tomos breaks the "Surface Tension" with laid-back, feel-good debut

Originally from somewhere between the sea and the mountains of West Wales, Tom Morgan or otherwise known as Tomos, moved from a quiet peaceful life to find his musical direction in the vibrant streets of South East London.

Though his moniker is new, Morgan's musical career is not; his first artistic appearance goes back to the beginning of the French Touch 2.0 movement as part of the producer duo Vanguard. While his most recent House-inspired solo project Vestalus further helped him shape his own artistic identity through remix work for Bodhi on Future Classic, Morgan has finally arrived at a new identity and ready to add the final touch to his music: his voice.

Tomos' debut single "Surface Tension" captures the early moments of attraction and second-guessing shared by two people who have recently met. Drawing from the calmness of the countryside and the spirited energy of the city, he alludes to the often forgotten simple pleasures and narrow slices of life through a soft tempo laden with bass. The lull of his voice is a genuine, soothing touch, emphasized by the varying jazz-influenced instrumentals in the background. Like the tension on water, "Surface Tension" perfectly captures the juxtaposition of calm and energy, a track oozing with feel-good vibes that glide across a dreamy sonic landscape.

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