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HUGAR begins a musical "Saga" of ethereal ambience [Video]

Icelandic natives HUGAR, comprised of multitalented instrumentalists and musicians Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson, have forged a musical lane all their own with a genre-defying sound. Fusing their shared passion for music and an impressive repertoire of collaborations (most recently spending time on tour with Björk and working in the studio with Sigur Rós on music for Black Mirror), the duo have recorded and released their independent self-titled debut Hugar with critical acclaim. Following the success, single "Saga" was released with the same ethereally ambient qualities - a masterpiece that has now been turned into a visual narrative.

A sweepingly multi-layered and gracefully delicate song, "Saga" is driven by the croons of violins and gentle piano chords that deliver an impressive audial dreamscape of airy melodies. The cinematic video flawlessly conveys the dream-like soundscape with extensive shots of landscapes, close-ups of facial expressions and layered frames that seem to stop time. Heavily utilizing soft light and faded colour palettes, "Saga" portrays intimate and highly vulnerable moments, deeply evocative and otherworldly.

Connect with HUGAR: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

Ambient · Atmospheric · Cinematic


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