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Lila Drew and Goldlink release smooth new track "faded/2am"

In today's episode of unreal new releases, Zane Lowe has premiered a new track from Lila Drew and Goldlink called "faded/2am". 


"faded/2am" is a showcase in genre-fusing; the pop-tinged melody line is married with R&B and hip-hop. The electric guitar adds a bit of rock instrumentation. Lila Drew's honeyed vocal and Goldlink's masterfully-paced verse sit perfectly together while remaining in stark contrast. 

Lyrically relatable and clever, Drew speaks to her shy nature in the lines "I'll always be sober, and I can come off as a loner." Her music is autobiographical, and "faded/2am" is about growing up, losing innocence and that quiet space in the middle of the night when, finally alone, you're confronted with your darkest thoughts. 

Connect with Lila Drew: Spotify | Twitter 

Electronic · R&B


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