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Hailaker debut with truly wonderful and unique "Rainmaker/ Earthbound"

A sublime merging of traditional instrumentation, and electronic music. We present the incredible Hailaker, comprised currently of founding artists' and friends' Jemima Coulter and Ed Tullett.

At EARMILK we are always looking for something brilliant, inspiring, and new. Ideally something that will move us to the point of writing about. However, it's not usually an easy find. There are of course some instances where it happens, yet Hailaker have achieved it somewhat effortlessly. Their first double A-side "Rainmaker/ Earthbound" delightfully light, humble, and remarkably positive throughout. Fresh textures and bountiful tiny worlds awaken in this fluid open-ended project. The single arrives on Low Swimmer, a new and exciting indie label set-up by Ed Tullett, Ali Lacey (Novo Amor) and Andy Inglis.

It feels as though many walks of life are living within this music. In some ways inside "Rainmaker/ Earthbound" is the secret soundtrack to the infinite bright stars captured in the night sky. It's a perfect debut, and we can't wait to hear more from the project. For those at a Novo Amor shows the Low Swimmer team will be giving away download cards of three Hailaker songs to anyone who buys merchandise. Otherwise, you will have to wait! Luckily for us, there is news of an album coming early next year.. 

Connect with Hailaker: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify



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