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Hollow Hand releases 1960s sound-alike "Milestone"

It’s like I am listening to a divinely melded concoction of 1960s rock influence, modern indie elements, and just a hint of The Beach Boys. I have Brighton based singer-songwriter Hollow Hand in my earbuds, blaring his fresh single “Milestone” off debut album Star Chamber, due out October 19th.

The voice in my ears is of Max Kinghorn-Mills, who pens an album of abundant creativity and uniqueness; “Milestone” is no exception to this. From the first moments of strumming I am reminded of the style of The Beatles, however Hollow Hand's voice is an entity all its own. The entire album has promise to be epic. A point of intrigue being it was developed using the influence of nature, as Kinghorn-Mills explains:

“When I recorded the album we were literally affected by the elements, the changing of the seasons. We didn’t have much protection from the outside, if there was a storm we would have to record through it, if the Yamaha DX7 was waterlogged from a breach the night before we’d have to dry it out on the heater and record some other parts first."

Catch Hollow Hand on the road with Sam Evian in the United Kingdom following the album’s release.

Connect with Hollow Hand online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud


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