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“Nt Nt” is DJ Eva Shaw’s impressive directorial debut [Video]

Canadian born Eva Shaw is a well-renowned DJ, producer and most recently, director. Shaw's multiplicity of talent is internationally recognized, and she has had a lot of success with being a model before she became a DJ, and is constantly exploring new creative endeavors.

“Nt Nt” is one of Eva's most recent releases. It features vocalists Omar Kadir and City Fidelia and currently has over 115k plays on Spotify. 

For the video, Eva was inspired by the skylines and rooftops in Downtown LA. She painted somewhat of a dark and unique visual that would complement the ambience of the song. The music video is co-directed by VFX legend Henry Lipatov.

The "Nt Nt" storyline focuses on 3 artists coming together from different backgrounds to create a unique and fresh sound. Everyone in the video, through each scene, is captivating with a dynamic energy that jumps out the screen. 

Connect with Eva Shaw: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud



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