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We're "Losing Our Minds" over Taska Black's hauntingly beautiful release featuring Nevve

We all have our own unique struggles that we encounter that create challenges that ultimately help us grow in the end. Antwerp producer Taska Black's 2018 was marked with a chain of successes, but also a series of personal health problems - a journey of climbing past his roadblocks and returning to the forefront. The tumultuous year of highs and lows ultimately became his inspiration for his forthcoming debut EP MINDS

As a glimpse into MINDS and his own inner workings, Taska has released the EP's lead single "Losing Our Minds". featuring the angelic vocals of Nevve

An uplifting yet insightful critique on the idea of 'working day and night to be rewarded in the end', "Losing Our Minds" is an ethereal, airy production that transcribes the message of mindfulness - and in being present.

Elaborating, Taska explains his thoughts, "I realized that it’s more important to make sure you enjoy every day of the road instead of creating an illusion for yourself that the future will make you happy. So spend time with your friends and family, be happy with what you’ve achieved instead of being unhappy over what you haven’t achieved."

Los Angeles-based vocalist Nevve adds a delicate and intimate lift to the emotion-filled lyrics paired with broad hooks and acoustic-laden instrumentals. The track is primed for any EDM tent and it all comes together in Taska's signature electronic production - a pop reverie that reflects an intimate message in an encouraging manner.

The passion and earnest finesse Taska exudes is clearly heard in the vibrant pop builds in the track, further showcasing his maturing sound and his personal path onwards. 

Buy/Stream "Losing Our Minds" here.


Connect with Taska Black: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Nevve: Soundcloud | Facebook

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